Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The end of Num9

I always repeat my grandfather's words on these occasions, "long visits, short goodbyes." Num9 is over just after 6 years, 2 CDs, 1 CD-ep and a vinyl single. Thanks to all the musicians who have played with me, to Acuarela by publishing our records and, above all, to you who bought them. But no time for sadness, because we keep going with peakmood

So long!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nine things that I don't like from the music business

1. The lack of professionalism of the music industry.
2. That the industry cares more about fighting illegal downloads and piracy, instead of releasing real good music.
3.  The people carries in their ipods more music that they will be ever able to listen to.
4. Concerts have become just social events, where people prefer to talk than to listen to music.
5. The sloth and lack of formation of most of the music journalists.
6. That all that Pitchforkmedia says it's good, will be what the rest of the media hightlight, ignoring a lot really good music.
7. A lot of bands play live with not enough rehearsals, and record their music without having theirs songs ready for it.
8. That people don't buy music anymore, they just download it.
9. The lacks of coherence and originality of a lot of bands, musicians, journalists, radios, labels, etc.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The 7" vinyl

As many of you know, i have just released a white 7" hand numbered vinyl. This beautiful record contains 2 unreleased songs: "Death in Portugal" and "El Baile 2011 (extended version)". The 500 hundred copies were given away in Barcelona and Madrid concerts but there are still some copies left. Some of them are available at Norman Records.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Death in Portugal. The Video.

If you didn't have the chance to see the video of "Death in Portugal", here it is. This song is brand new and it's been released in the Num9's 7" single, out now. There are still a few copies available.

Death in Portugal lyrics

She made a trip for you
You made her feel so guilty
but you where so close to the top

She tried so hard to reach you
her soul down to your feet
You faked like a clown
She was alone in Portugal

Unfinished bridge she entered
the one that leads to an end
yet one step to heaven
would you say it's your fault?