Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nine things that I don't like from the music business

1. The lack of professionalism of the music industry.
2. That the industry cares more about fighting illegal downloads and piracy, instead of releasing real good music.
3.  The people carries in their ipods more music that they will be ever able to listen to.
4. Concerts have become just social events, where people prefer to talk than to listen to music.
5. The sloth and lack of formation of most of the music journalists.
6. That all that Pitchforkmedia says it's good, will be what the rest of the media hightlight, ignoring a lot really good music.
7. A lot of bands play live with not enough rehearsals, and record their music without having theirs songs ready for it.
8. That people don't buy music anymore, they just download it.
9. The lacks of coherence and originality of a lot of bands, musicians, journalists, radios, labels, etc.